Sign Up for OSD Text Messaging Notifications

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Sign Up for OSD Text Messaging Notifications

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Are you interested in receiving text message alerts from the Olympia School District, but aren’t sure how to get signed up? No problem, we’ve got you covered!

As an Olympia School District family you can sign yourself up in three easy steps:

  • In Skyward Family Access (under 'Skylert' in the left-hand navigation) make sure the cell phone number which you would like to receive text messages is included in one of the four available fields under 'Text Message Numbers'.
  • If the number is not included in one of those fields you can simply add the phone number yourself. You get to determine which types of text message communications your receive by checking the boxes under; Emergency, Attendance, General and Food Service.
  • At this point you may want to take the opportunity to review and/or update your phone and email communication contacts and preferences in Skylert.

  • Using the mobile device you would like to receive text notifications on, text “y” or “yes” to our Olympia School District shortcode, which is “67587”.


Once you’ve completed these steps you should receive an immediate response with confirmation that you have signed up to receive text message notifications from the Olympia School District. You can always opt-out of receiving these notifications by responding “n” or “no” to the “67587” number.

While the “67587” OSD shortcode will always be the number in which you receive text message notifications, each text message you receive from the district will begin with “OlympiaSD:” so there is no confusion as to who is communicating.

Please Note: Text message communications are reserved for emergency and time-sensitive communications from our schools and district. We do not use text messaging notification for general communications.

Should you have any additional questions please don’t hesitate to contact the Olympia School District Communications Department at (360) 596-6103 or [email protected].