1:1 Chromebooks

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1:1 Chromebooks in the Olympia School District

The 2018 passage of the OSD Technology and Safety Replacement levy sets the stage to provide each student with computing tools that can be used every day, from any place, to support their learning. These tools will promote higher-level thinking, engage students in the learning process and prepare them for life after graduation.

As the district moves forward with this model, it is important to note that the devices/Chromebooks are the vehicle for the district's 1:1 initiative, but the driver is classroom strategies that support a more student-centered classroom. The focus of student learning will not be the use of any particular technology, but on the skills of critical thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration. We are working to create an environment of equity, access to information and resources, innovation, and student ownership in learning.

With the passage of the 2018 Technology and Safety Levy, the school district will begin roll-out of to meet student learning needs.


  • Students grades 6-8 at Marshall and Reeves Middle Schools will receive a district-owned Chromebook to use at school and home during the school year.
  • Other schools will continue to provide access through classroom carts in select content areas.


  • Students grades K-2 will have access to shared Chromebooks to use at school.
  • Students grades 3-5 will receive a district-owned Chromebook to use at school.
  • Students grades 6-12 will receive a district-owned Chromebook to use at school and home during the school year.

Contact Information

For questions about this program:

Marc Elliott
OSD Chief Information Officer

For technical support:

The OSD Technology HelpDesk (8 a.m.-8 p.m.)
(360) 596-6172

For questions about your child’s use of the OSD-issued Chromebook, or in the case of theft, loss, or possible bullying and harassment, contact your school building administrator.

In cases of theft, please file a police report with the Olympia Police Department (non-emergency number) at (360) 753-8300 and provide a copy to your school building administrator.