Superintendent Entry Plan

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2017-18 School Year

Entry Plan Goal

As I begin in my role as superintendent, I commit myself to a structured engagement and relationship-building process in order to better understand the culture and needs of the district. This will help to ensure a transparent, mindful and collaborative transition so I may better serve the students, staff and families of Olympia School District.


Entry Plan Timeline:

The entry plan process is sequenced into three phases:


  • Phase 1: Pre-Entry (April to June 2017) Build a baseline understanding

  • Phase 2: Introductions (July to August 2017) Stakeholder Outreach and Meetings

  • Phase 3: Listening and Learning (September – December 2017) Student, staff, family intercommunication

  • Following Phase 3 - Strategic Plan Development (January 2018 – June 2018)


Entry Plan Commitments:

  • I will engage as many stakeholders as possible in order to better understand the Olympia School District.

  • I will structure purposeful interactions in which I will listen reflectively and openly.

  • To the extent possible, unless warranted, I will avoid significant changes to current practice during this initial transition/entry time.

  • I will use the information and findings of the entry plan phases to collaboratively shape the future strategic direction and plan for the district.



Phase 1: Pre-Entry (April – June, 2017)

Establish an initial understanding of the school district culture, strengths, and challenges in order to expedite the transition. I will:


  • Visit each school and principal before the end of the 2016-17 school year.

  • AVID program at Olympia High School

    Schedule time with each member of the board of directors.

  • Attend any previously scheduled conferences/meetings/retreats with the school board in the spring or summer.

  • Hold meetings with the outgoing superintendent and shadow where advisable in the spring to better understand current processes and relationships.

  • Meet with Superintendent’s cabinet and staff to get up to speed on pending, on-going, or upcoming initiatives, projects, etc.

  • Attend ESD 113 meetings in the spring to connect with other area superintendents.


Phase 2: Introductions (July – August, 2017)

Engage in intentional meetings and outreach with various stakeholder groups in the district and throughout the greater community in order to learn about established partnerships and practices. I will:


  • Meet with association and union leadership prior to the start of the next school year.

  • AVID program at Olympia High School collecting supplies for charity

    Meet with principals prior to the commencement of school to better grasp the needs of individual schools.

  • Reach out to Rotary, Kiwanis, Lions, CIELO, Boys and Girls Club, faith-based, etc. – and other community partners.

  • Meet with the city manager, mayor, police and fire chiefs, and other municipal, county and tribal officials.

  • Reach out to other educational leaders in the area including neighboring school district officials, Griffin School District, Evergreen State College, South Puget Sound CC, St. Martin’s University, etc.


Phase 3: Listening and Learning (September – December 2017)

Commence a deeper immersion into schools with purposeful staff, student, and family interaction culminating in a report/share out of learnings to the school board and community in winter 2018. I will:


  • Visit every classroom in the school district, meet with all school staff.

  • Meet with all support staff including Transportation, Maintenance, Food Service, etc.

  • Meet school parent groups (PTA’s, PTO’s, Boosters, etc.) and Olympia School District Education Foundation.

  • Meet with student leadership groups and Equity Visioning Committee members.



Culminating Report

In partnership with school board members and district stakeholders, we will use the information gathered as the foundation for the creation of the strategic direction and long-range plan for the school district. The strategic vision will be established along with the accompanying action steps by July 2018.

Please feel free to contact me at [email protected], via phone at 360-596-6117.