Performing Arts Initiative (PAI)

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Performing Arts Initiative (PAI)

The purpose of the Olympia School District’s Performing ArtInitiative (PAI) is simple: to enhance our students’ opportunities to enjoy the performing arts. We’re especially interested in reaching students  who don’t traditionally have equal access.

The PAI focuses on music, theater, comedy, 
spoken word, dance, magic, and animals–and we’re always looking for new ideas.

Heartsparkle Players perform for Roosevelt students


The PAI negotiates discounted prices with performers as we bundle multiple shows and are flexible with dates and times.  Performances usually take place at schools and are typically subsidized and occasionally free. Some special events take place at the Washington Center for the Performing Arts and other local venues–the PAI pays for bus transportation to these events.


The Olympia School District Education Foundation supports this project with an annual grant. During school year 2017-18, the PAI created over 25,000 “performance views” for Olympia students.