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Athletics Update: Fall Sports 2021 Underway

The Olympia School District recognizes the importance of athletics in our community. The Governor’s Office and Washington State Department of Health issued new guidance for education-based sports and activities. Please check out the most recent Washington state guidance regarding school sports here.


We will continue to monitor our local health authorities and other agency guidance in the event changes occur. Additional information will be provided by your school Athletic Director regarding sports opportunities.  If you have any questions, please contact your school  Athletic Director or Coach. 


The WIAA has addressed recent K-12 guidance for schools by publishing the Washington State DOH K-12 Activity Guidance FAQ's.  This document can be found on the WIAA website here.


Live Streaming Opportunities:

Olympia School District has teamed up with NFHS Network in order to live stream games.  You can sign up to watch these events by using the links below.  



Funding Sources for Athletic Activities

Multiple sources are required to fund our athletic programs. Below is a general description of where the funds come from and how they are used.

Source of Funds

Use of Funds

Olympia School District General Fund

Basic and extended season coaching stipends, professional development for coaches, development and maintenance of facilities, athletic director salary, athletic trainer salary*

School Building Budget

Minor maintenance and repairs, partial stipend for athletic trainer, partial cost of transportation

Building ASB Budget

Uniforms, equipment/supplies, officials, tournament fees, league and WIAA dues, awards, partial athletic trainer*, reconditioning of football equipment*

Participation Fees (Pay-4-Play)

Partial cost of transportation, partial cost of basic and extended season coaching stipends

Individual Teams (Booster Clubs and team fundraising projects)

Team events, equipment/supplies, out-of-area transportation

Career & Technical Education (CTE)

Partial cost of athletic training program/student trainers*


*High school only


Transportation To & From Athletic Events

The Olympia School District provides transportation for athletes to and from contests. It is expected that all athletes ride to the event and return to school with their team using District transportation.

In the case of unforeseen circumstances, a parent may request that their child be transported home from a contest by private vehicle. In an individual case, the child's parent must present the site athletic director with a written, signed and dated request to use private transportation home from the event prior to the event.


Good Sportsmanship: A Key to Success

It is the goal of the Olympia School District to provide a safe and rewarding experience for our students participating in extracurricular activities. We encourage all parents, students and community members to conduct themselves in a supportive fashion at all times while attending athletic events and school activities.

It is expected that spectators support and encourage all participants, teams, coaches, and officials in a positive and respectful manner. Spectators should display a positive attitude and appropriate behavior at all times during athletic contests.

This includes refraining from derogatory comments or actions directed to other spectators, game officials, coaches, staff and participants.

To ensure the safety and enjoyment of those attending games please remember that all Olympia School District facilities are tobacco, alcohol, other drugs, and weapon free zones.

Your positive support of your child's participation in school activities is vital in their development as young adults. We thank you in advance for your attendance and positive support.


Frequently Asked Questions for High School Athletes


Can my child attend an OSD Alternative School and play sports at either CHS or OHS?

Students who attend an alternative school are eligible to participate at the high school in their home attendance area. They must meet and maintain all WIAA and OSD eligibility and conduct standards.

My child is currently being home schooled. Can they also play sports at either CHS or OHS?

Home school students may be eligible to participate at the school in their home attendance area. In order to meet and maintain academic eligibility standards, a grade report must be submitted at the time of their first sports clearance of the year and at both the 8th and 12th week of the semester of participation. All other WIAA and OSD eligibility and conduct regulations must be met.

My child is currently enrolled, full-time, in an "on-line education program" offered by another school district. Can they play sports at either CHS or OHS?

Students enrolled in approved "on-line education programs are eligible to participate at the school in their home attendance area. They must meet and maintain all academic eligibility standards and submit enrollment certification and grade reports at the time of their first sports clearance. All other WIAA and OSD eligibility and conduct regulations must be met and maintained. Students may be considered "transfer students" who are only eligible for sub-varsity participation during their first year.

If my child transfers from one district high school to another, are they eligible to participate?

If the family moves into the service area of another high school, the student will be eligible to participate at all levels. If the family does not move and the students has attended the other school, they are eligible at the sub-varsity level for one year. After the first year, they are eligible to participate at all levels.


Can my middle school child participate in work out in the weight room or participate in other conditioning activities of the high school they will be attending?

With permission of the high school supervisor and written permission/releases from the parent/guardian, students in the 8th grade may participate in conditioning work outs at the high school. After the final contest of the middle school league season, 8th grade students may participate in spring conditioning/practices at the high school level.

Does the OSD provide accident insurance for my child while participating in extracurricular activities?

The OSD does not carry accident insurance policies to cover injuries sustained in interscholastic programs. Accident insurance is the responsibility of the parents or guardian. Student insurance can be purchased for a nominal fee and forms are available in all school offices.

Can my child participate in extracurricular activities if they are absent?

No, extracurricular activity participation requires that students attend classes daily in order to maintain eligibility.


  • Classroom attendance on the day of a game is required except in the case of a valid excuse and with the approval of the site athletic director. This will be interpreted to mean a student will attend all classes unless excused by the site athletic director. Staying home to rest or "sleeping in" are examples of unexcused absences.

  • Students not attending class on a Friday prior to a Saturday game are ineligible to participate. If not attending classes on a Friday prior to a holiday period, the student will be ineligible to participate in the next game.


How do I voice a concern regarding my child's participation?

If you have a concern to discuss with the coach, please call that coach to set up an appointment.

Appropriate concerns to discuss with coaches:


  • Ways to help your child's improve

  • Concerns about your child's behavior or attitude

  • Ways you can help support the team

  • Treatment of your child, mentally and physically


Communication that coaches expect from parents:


  • Notification of any personal schedule conflicts well in advance

  • Concerns expressed directly to the coach

  • Information that will help the coach work with your child


Issues that are not appropriate to discuss with coaches:


  • Playing time Team or game strategy

  • Play calling

  • Other students or athletes


Participation in athletics offers some of the most rewarding moments of students' lives. However, it is important to remember that there may be times when things will not go the way that you and your child wish. Coaches are professionals. They make judgment decisions based on what they believe to be the best for all students involved and the school/district.


What can a parent do if the meeting with the coach does not provide a satisfactory resolution or other issues arise?

Call and set up an appointment with the site athletic director to discuss the situation. At this meeting, the next appropriate step can be determined. Contact the Capital High School Athletic Office at 596-8070 or the Olympia High School Athletic Office at 596-7028.