Emergency Snow Routes (East)

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If your bus stop is not listed, please have your student report to their normal bus stop. If you have questions about snow routes, please call Transportation at 360-596-7700.


*Snow routes also apply to Middle School & High School routes serving these areas.


Elementary Service Area*

Normal Bus Stop

Snow Route Bus Stop

Boston Harbor

Boston Harbor & 75th; Boston Harbor & 74th; Byron St NE

Boston Harbor & 73rd

Boston Harbor

53rd Ave NE; Heights Ln NE (Boston Harbor Estates)

Boston Harbor & 53rd

Boston Harbor

Fishtrap Loop NE

81st Ave NE & Leap Frog Ln NE

Boston Harbor

Jenni St NE

81st Ave NE & Jenni St NE

Boston Harbor

Evergreen Dr NE

81st Ave NE & Evergreen Dr NE

Boston Harbor

Island View Dr NE

81st Ave NE & Island View Dr NE

Boston Harbor

Lemon Rd NE

Libby Rd NE & 66th Ave NE

Boston Harbor

Woodard Bay Rd NE

Boston Harbor Rd NE & Woodard Bay Rd NE, OR Libby Rd NE & 66th Ave NE

Boston Harbor

76th Ave NE, 77th Ave NE, Shore Acres Dr NE

Libby Rd NE & 76th Ave NE


53rd Ave SE - Cheri Estates Dr SE, Arlington Ct SE, Joseph St SE

Palomino Dr SE & Wickie Ct SE


42nd Ave SE - Covey St, Debbie Ct, to Ward Lake)

42nd Ave SE & Boulevard Rd SE


Fir St SE & 13th Ave SE

Fir St SE & Union Ave SE


Central St SE & 11th Ave SE

Central St SE & Union Ave SE


16th Ave SE & Frederick St SE; Beacon Ave SE & Brown St SE

Beacon Ave SE & Boulevard Rd SE


12th Ave SE, Smith St SE, 10th Ct SE, Creekwood Ct SE, 15th Ave SE

ORLA Parking Lot


Boundary St SE, 18th Ave SE, 20th Ave SE, Harry Fain Park

18th Ave SE & Eastside St SE


8th Ave NE, Devoe St NE, Pattison St NE, Fenske St NE, Applehill Ct NE

VFW Hall Parking Lot


Phoenix St NE, Mitchell Ave NE, Steele St NE

Phoenix St NE & Thurston Ave NE