Citizen Science Institute (CSI)

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CSI at Thurgood Marshall Middle School


What is CSI?

The Citizen Science Institute (CSI) is a districtwide magnet, alternative program housed at Thurgood Marshall Middle School. It is multi-grade and consists of approximately 60 students and two teachers.

CSI teachers, students and parents work together as a team to help students achieve their full potential.

Through academically-challenging scientific and civic investigations, students become Citizen Scientists. They develop a sense of place through place-based and service learning. They understand and practice the philosophy of “interconnectedness,” that their actions can have both positive and negative consequences for their local and global communities.

CSI Mission

The mission of CSI is to develop youth leadership in science through field-based science investigations and civic literacy through action projects. Students collaborate with scientists outside the classroom to apply the skills and concepts they have learned to real world projects. Students also participate in regular service-learning projects to gain perspective on civics concepts and to benefit their community.

A fundamental cornerstone of MCSI is the active participation of our parent community to help with the logistics, program design, and fund-raising necessary to carry out our ambitious agenda.

How Does CSI Work?

Students typically enter CSI in their first year of middle school (sixth grade), and stay through their eighth-grade year. All three grade levels learn together. CSI teachers are responsible for team teaching of the core subjects: science, social studies and civics.

For more information regarding the Thurgood Marshall CSI program contact Principal Anthony Brock at [email protected] or visit the Thurgood Marshall Middle School Enrollment Information page.