Surplus Items

Olympia School District Surplus Items

If you are interested in any of the items listed below please contact the Olympia School District Support Services Department at (360) 596-7800.


Last updated:  March 24, 2023







Vacuum SSC obsolete equipment (Centaur) 1 used/working
Vacuum  SSC oblsolete equipment (Hako) 2 used/working
 Sanding Pads SSC sanding pads (no longer use these sizes) 160 boxes new in box
 Generators SSC broken generators 3 not working
 Mower SSC Write mower 1 used/2000+ hrs
 Mower SSC Cub Cadet mower 1 good condition
 Trailer SSC enclosed trailer 1 damaged/leaks
 Chairs CHS high school size student chairs, older style 30 used
 Book Shelves CHS wooden book shelves 10 damaged or used
White Board Easels  CHS rolling easels white board 6 used 
 Electronic Scopes CHS electrical science equipment 20 dated/used
 Office Chairs CHS used office chairs 10 worn but useable
 Doors CHS wooden doors no glass 4 used
 Tables CHS assorted old wood tables 10 used/worn
Desk  CHS wooden office desk large 1 very old/used
Electronic Equipment  CHS assorted CCTV cameras 10 boxes not working/dated
Chairs  CHS wood conference chairs w/arms 10 used/worn
Assorted Stools  CHS wooden stools 10 used
Metal File Cabinets  CHS metal 3 drawer 4 used
TV Carts  CHS small TV carts 3 used
Construction Materials CHS left over construction materials 15 boxes asst clips & unknown parts
 Library Books RMS used Library books 57 boxes used
Library Books  OHS used Library books  6 boxes used
 PPE SSC KN95 masks extra small 30 cases new in box
 PPE SSC cloth masks  15 cases new in box
 PPE SSC cloth gowns 8 cases new in box
 Disinfectant Solution SSC Botanical disinfectant 1 case 1 gallon X 4
 Disinfectant Solution SSC Botanical disinfectant 12 buckets 5 gallons
 PPE SSC cloth masks child size 3 cases new in box
 Soap SSC hand soap (no dispensers, refills only) 4 cases soap refills only
Drag  SSC Spike drag 1 broken
PPE  SSC assorted PPE face shield parts 2 boxes missing parts 
 PPE SSC face shields 4 boxes new in box
 PPE SSC lab type goggles 10 boxes new in box