Take School Safety Survey by Oct. 19

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Take School Safety Survey by Oct. 19
Safety Survey photo of students in hall

On September 14, 2023, the Olympia School District Board of Directors approved Policy 4311, "School Safety and Security Services Program." The policy is a first step in a possible new formal partnership with the City of Olympia and its staff around school safety. The policy calls for community involvement and has certain requirements including:


  1. Prohibiting a school resource officer from becoming involved in school discipline situations that are the responsibility of a school administrator.
  2. Prior to working in schools, requiring officers or any safety staff to have met state training requirements in areas that include: civil rights of children, adolescent development, trauma-informed approaches, youth mental health issues, rights of students with disabilities, bias-free policing and cultural competency, an understanding of disparities with use of force and arrests of children, collateral consequences of arrest, alternatives to arrest, de-escalation techniques, laws around restraint and isolation, family and student rights to privacy, and restorative justice principles.
  3.  A process for families to file complaints with the school and, when applicable, the local law enforcement agency related to safety and security staff, and a process for investigating and responding to complaints.


Please complete a brief School Safety Survey (English, Spanish, Vietnamese), which will help inform next steps in this process. The deadline to complete this survey is 11 p.m. on Thursday, October 19, 2023.