Summer Chromebook Use

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Summer Chromebook Use

As the school year ends, we are pleased to allow our students to take home their district Chromebook for their learning over the summer. Olympia School District filtering policies will stay in place on the Chromebooks, and students may use their device to pursue personal learning goals and interests.

Parents/guardians are encouraged to set their own guidelines for when, where, and how their child uses the Chromebook during the summer. Consider setting times during the day and/or night when your child may not be online.  Establish a place in the house where your child may be supervised while they use their device and where they will store it at night. Online time should be balanced with other activities, including outdoor exercise and play and time with friends and family.


Some possible summertime uses of the Chromebook include:

  • - Timberland Public Library access to ebooks and audiobooks and research databases. OSD students have digital-access accounts.
  • Summer school or independent learning opportunities
  • - students may teach themselves to code through games and activities
  • Khan Academy - online videos and tutorials cover a variety of subjects
  • Duolingo - learn another language.
  • Creative writing and communications
  • Personal research and learning

SecURLy Parent Portal

To help you monitor your child’s online activity, the Olympia School District has made available the SecURLy Parent Portal. This application allows web-based filtering and parental controls on school-issued devices at home. You may set rules to allow or disallow certain websites, pause the internet connection to the device, and receive alerts about possible bullying or self-harm detected in email and web searches. You will receive your account information by email.

General care

  • Take reasonable precautions to protect your Chromebook
  • Keep food and liquids away from the device
  • Avoid heat and direct sunlight.  Cars get especially hot in the summer

  • Do not loan the Chromebook to others
  • Keep the battery charged.  Unplug when fully charged
  • Restart the Chromebook on a regular basis to allow updates to the operating system
  • Bring it to school on September 4 charged up and ready to learn!


The OSD Chromebook Damage/Loss Coverage Plan remains in effect over the summer. If the Chromebook is lost or stolen, please report it to the OSD Technology Department as soon as possible.


If the Chromebook is damaged or broken or you need technical assistance, please contact the OSD Technology Helpdesk at 360-596-6172.

Moving or Changing Schools

If you will not be returning to the same school in the fall, please return the Chromebook to your school office by June 30, or to the OSD Technology Department, Knox Building, 1113 Legion Way SE, Olympia, WA,  


If you have any further questions about summer Chromebook use by your student, please contact your building administrator.