ALPS is the advanced learning program for selected students in grades 4 and 5. This self-contained class is currently housed at Roosevelt Elementary.

ALPS is a multi-age class where students explore grade level standards in depth. There is an emphasis on meeting the unique social and emotional needs of the students through Second Step, collaborative group work, and independent tasks. The program celebrates the strengths and challenges of the students by providing differentiated assignments with an open approach to learning.

The classroom environment is highly differentiated, where the individual learning needs of the students are considered. Incorporation of Habits of Mind, individual goal-setting, and the expansion of the growth mindset are all part of the learning process where the intention is for the students to be challenged, but not overwhelmed.

Parents interested in enrolling students in the ALPS class should consider that their child will need to adapt to a new environment. This should come with the understanding if this is an appropriate fit for their child not only for collaboration with new classmates, but also (potentially) adjusting to a new school with the commitment for what is expected.

For more information about ALPS, please contact Roosevelt Elementary at 360-596-6700.