Second Grade & Above Identification Process

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The Olympia School District screens students in grades two through grade seven in the spring of each school year. Our screening process is comprehensive and multi-layered, using objective criteria. The screening process begins with a screening referral.

Do you know a student who…

  • Thinks up unusual ways to solve hard problems?
  • Generates and comprehends complex and abstract ideas?
  • Exhibits feelings and opinions from multiple perspectives?
  • Thinks logically and wants things to make sense?
  • Prefers the company of intellectual peers?
  • Is an expert who abstracts beyond the field?


If you answered “yes” to the questions above, please consider referring that student for identification for highly capable services. Referrals may come from the community, teachers and/or parents.



Grades 2-7 students referred for screening are then assessed through a teacher rating scale (SIGS) and their most recent achievement test scores (MAP) at the time of the referral deadline.

Students who have academic scores in the 95th percentile and above in math and/or reading on their MAP scores and qualifying results from the teacher rating scale will be given a cognitive ability test (CoGAT).  CogAT qualifying scores are as follows:


  • Age Percentile Rank for Verbal/Quantitative/nonverbal (VQN) Composite – at or above the 95th percentile
  • Not more than one battery below the 95th percentile

A Multidisciplinary Selection Committee will then review all data and determine which students are most highly capable in the Olympia School District. Students are selected based on evidence that they have exceptionally high cognitive ability, demonstrate exceptionally high academic achievement, and consistently exhibit behavioral and learning characteristics associated with exceptional creativity and problem-solving.

Questions? Please reach out to staff on the Teaching & Learning Team through our general email address: Knox-[email protected].