Surplus Items

Olympia School District Surplus Items

If you are interested in any of the items listed below please contact the Olympia School District Support Services Department at (360) 596-7800.


Last updated:  May 5, 2023








Surplus Items Listed Below

Available until June 27, 2023 

 Desks LCGS Wooden desk Staff size  7 used/good 
 Rolling Book Shelf LCGS K-5 rolling book shelves (library) 6 used/good
 Cubical Wall LCGS 2 panels 2 used
 Mail Shelf LCGS 30 slot mail style shelf 1 used
 Book Shelf LCGS 4 shelf wood 5 used
 Rolling Cart LCGS metal and wood carts  6 used
 Filing Cabinet LCGS wood 4 drawer 1 used/heavy
 Chairs LCGS plastic w/metal legs high school size  15 dated
 Wooden Tables LCGS wooden tables 4 ft long  8 used/dated
 File Cabinet LCGS metal 3 drawer  4 used
 Bistro Style Table LCGS bistro tables (restaurant style square)  2 used
 Chairs LCGS black  4 used
 Water Cooler LCGS black  1 used
 Refrigerator LCGS white, used full size  1 used
 Refrigerator LCGS dorm size  1 used
 Mail Slot LCGS 9 slot mail box  1 used
 Shed LCGS Wood Tuff Shed  1 used/extremely heavy
 Office Chairs LCGS rolling office chairs  used
 Book Shelf Moore House wood 4 shelf 4 used
 Metal Cart Moore House metal rolling cart (TV cart)  2 used
 Washer and Dryer Moore House washer and dryer  set used/dated
 Chair Moore House used residential not reclining  used/dated
 Love Seat Moore House 2 person love seats  2 used/dated
 Lamp Table Moore House wood  1 used
 Wicker Chair Moore House wicker chair  1 used
Office Chair  Moore House conference style wood chair  3 used
 Refrigerator Moore House dorm size  2 used
 File Cabinet  Moore House 2 drawer metal 4 used
 Book Shelf Moore House 4 shelf wood  5 used
Refrigerator  Moore House full size  1 used
Ice Machine  Moore House dorm size  1 used
Table  Moore House round high school height   1 used 
 Chairs Moore House student chairs plastic and metal  6 used
 Easel  Moore House white board easel high school size  1 used
 End Table Moore House octagon glass top  1 used/dated
 Desks Moore House large staff desk (executive size)  4 used
 Book Shelf Moore House 6 shelves wood  1 used
 Office Chairs Moore House  office chair rolling 4 used
 Thomas Bus Transportation 1T88T4C2461271028 1 180384
 Thomas Bus Transportation  1T88T4C2661271029 1 153734
 Bluebird Bus Transportation 1BABNCXAX4F216135  1 189911
 Bluebird Bus Transportation 1BABNCXA14F216138  1 189253
 Bluebird Bus Transportation 1BABNCXA34F216139  1 234238

Surplus Items Listed Below

Available until July 11, 2023

 Cabinet MCLES metal cabinet 1 used
 Lunch Room Table MES folding lunch room table 1  used
20 Slot Mail Cabinet  AHS 20 slot mail cabinet wood 4 used
 Wooden Shelf AHS 2 shelves wood 5 used
Wood Cabinets  AHS 2 door wood cabinets tall 1 used 
Media Carts  AHS wood 4 used
 Admin Desks AHS wood larger desks 3 used
 Wood Book Case AHS 5 shelves wood 5 used
 Wood Cube Shelf AHS 15 cube shelves  1 used 
 Wood Table AHS 6 foot wood table on wheels 2 used
 Wood Cube Shelf AHS 6 cubes (large) shelves 1 used
Metal Rolling Shelf  AHS metal rolling 6 shelves 2 used
Work Benches  AHS wood (very large) 2 used
Plans Drawers  AHS wood plans cabinet 2 used
Conference Table  AHS wood 6 foot table 1 used
Wood Cabinets  AHS 2 door cabinets 1 used
 Teacher Desk AHS metal teacher desk (old) 2 used
File Cabinet  AHS 4 drawer file cabinet metal 4 used
Cabinet  AHS 2 door cabinet 6 used
 Large Book Case AHS 5 shelf book case (large) 1 used
 Sm Wood Top Table AHS small wood top table 1 used
 Student Desks AHS wood/metal 20 used
 Book Case AHS wood 3 shelves 5 used
Cabinet  AHS wood large 1 used
 Round Table AHS wood 3 foot round table 5 used
 Book Shelf AHS wood tall 5 shelves 10 used
 Teacher Desk AHS teacher desks 6 used
Wood Benches  AHS pew style benches 3 used
Chairs  AHS wood/cloth conference chairs 6 used
Book Case  AHS 3 shelves 4 used
Wood Tables  AHS 6 foot tables 30 used
Conference Table  ARMORY wood conference table 1 used
Office Chairs  ARMORY rolling chairs 10 used
Book Shelf  AHS book shelf 3 used
 Wood Tables AHS 6 foot wood tables 3 used
 Student Chairs AHS high school size student chairs 66 used/dated
 White Fleet SSC 2001 GMC van 1 leaks has mold