Surplus Items

Olympia School District Surplus Items

If you are interested in any of the items listed below please contact the Olympia School District Support Services Department at (360) 596-7800.


Last updated:  July 12, 2024







    Available until September 12, 2024     
 Chairs HES Kindergarten Chairs 32 used/dated
 Chairs HES 2nd, 3rd Grade Chairs  30 used/dated
 Chairs HES 4th, 5th Grade Chairs 33


 Half Moon Table HES Half Moon Table 1 used/dated
 Wood Shelving HES Shelving Units 8 used/dated
Tables  HES Misc Tables 6 used/dated
 Double Desks  HES Double Desks 22 used/dated
Short Rectangle Table  HES Rectangle Table 8 used/dated
Metal File Cabinets  HES Assorted Metal File Cabinets 8 used/dated
 Scale CHS Mechanical Weight Scale - up to 350 lbs 1 used
John Deer Mower  SSC Mower 1 poor/age
 John Deer Gator CHS Gator 1 poor bad engine
 Library Books RMS Miscellaneous Boxes - Library Books 30 Used
Library Books  PES 15 Boxes Elementary Library Books 15 boxes used
Library Books  RMS Middle School Library Books 30 boxes used
Library Books CHS High School Library Books 15 boxes used
 White Boards WMS White Boards 6 used
 Shelving WMS 3 Shelf Units 3 used
 Rolling Computer Desk WMS Rolling Computer Desk 1 used