Surplus Items

Olympia School District Surplus Items

If you are interested in any of the items listed below please contact the Olympia School District Support Services Department at (360) 596-7800.


Last updated:  August 26, 2022







Storage Cabinet WMS large metal storage cabinet 1


Rolling Computer Desk  WMS small rolling computer desk 1 good
Shelf  WMS mail slot shelf 18 good
Tables  WMS 3' X 6' wood tables 9 good
Tables WMS two person computer table 4 good
 File Cabinet WMS 2 drawer (horizontal) file cabinet 2 good
 File Cabinet WMS 4 drawer upright file cabinet 5 good
File Cabinet  WMS 3 drawer file cabinet 1 good
 Band Saw TMMS band saw 1 used
Tables  RES wood tables 4 used/worn
 Cubbie RES cubby elementary size 1 used
 Tables RES round table 2 used/worn
 Desks RES student desk 3 good
Boxes of Books  RES assorted books 20 used
COVID Screens  RES plexiglass screens 5 used
 AV Cart MES AV cart 1


Rectangular Tables  MES wood 6 used
Chairs  MES wood/cloth chairs 26 used
 File Cabinets MES metal file cabinets 5 used
Boxes of Books  RMS assorted books 6 used 
 Sewing Machines OHS Huskavarna Viking sewing machine 21 used/good
 Sewing Tables OHS dual person sewing tables 10 good
Filing Cabinet  SSC 3 drawer horizontal filing cabinet 1 good
Closet on Wheels  MCKES metal closet on wheels missing the blinds 1 missing parts
Practice Kits  MCKES scissor practice kits 2 used/good
 Chair MCKES floor chair 1 used/good
 Desk MCKES wood teacher chair 1 used/good
 Chairs MCKES  student chairs 20 old/dated
 Shelves MCKES shelves with cushions on top 1 used/good
 Easel MCKES chalkboard easel 1 used/good
 Filing Cabinet MCKES metal file cabinet 4 drawer 1 used/good
 Filing Cabinet MCKES 3 drawer metal filing cabinet 3 used/good
Chair  MCKES teachers chair 1 used/good
 Board Games MCKES assorted board games 12 missing parts
 Radio MCKES radio with CD changer 1 good
 Boxes of Books MCKES assorted library books used/elementary
Chairs  MCKES student chairs 9 used
Filing Cabinet  MCKES horizontal file cabinet 3 drawer 1 used
 Chair MCKES teachers drafting chair 1 used
 Chair MCKES teachers rolling chair 1 used
 Boxes of Books RES surplus library books 20 used/elementary
Assorted Chairs  BHES assorted sizes & shapes of elementary chairs 22 used
 Assorted Book Cases BHES wood 3 used
 Rectangular Tables BHES wood 5 used
 Student Desks BHES double desks 13 used
 Cubbie Cart BHES  metal 2 used
Volleyball Poles (set)  BHES metal poles w/base 2 used
 Silverware Cart BHES metal 1


 Auto Scrubber SSC used chariot auto scrubber 2 used
 Vacuum SSC used chariot vacuum 1 used
No Touch Machine  SSC advance reel cleaner 1 used
File Cabinets  MES metal file cabinets no description 5 used
 Triangular Tables MES wood 4 used
Roller Chair  MES rolling chair 1 used
Library Books  MES library books (elementary) 10 small used
White Fleet Vehicle  SSC 1994 Dodge Spirit 1 leaks has mold
White Fleet Vehicle TRANS 2001 GMC Van 1 leaks has mold
 White Fleet Vehicle TRANS 95 Ford Club Wagon 1 leaks has mold
Books  PES library books (elementary) 34 med used
 Chairs HES wooden conference chairs 34 used
 Shelves HES wood shelves 2 used
 Desk HES teachers desk 2 good 
 Tables HES wooden tables 8 good
Plexiglass Barriers  HES plexiglass barriers 30 good
 Filing Cabinet HES filing cabinet 4 drawer 1 good
 Library Books PES library books (elementary) 15 used/worn