Ken Turcotte

Executive Director of Student Support
(360) 596-7530


Ruth Middlebrook

Director of Student Support

(360) 596-7530


Omar Flores

Director of Student Support

(360) 596 -7530


Tom Parnell

Assistant Director of Student Support for Early Learning

(360) 596-7575


Joy Fulling

Director of Health Services

(360) 522-2108





Dawn Kellogg

Compliance Coordinator

(360) 596-7554


Instructional Coaches:


Melissa Charette 

Instructional Coach

(360) 507-1602


Elizabeth Stout

Instructional Coach


Administrative Support:


Monica Cuaresma, Program Manager

Ask me about: Grants and Fiscal Compliance, ETRS, Time and Effort, Personnel and Postings

(360) 596-7532

Valerie Steplight, Analyst

Ask me about: Special Education Student Records, P223H, Records Requests and Home Hospital
(360) 596-7534


Brandy Geyer, Administrative Assistant

Ask me about: Medicaid, Timeslips, IEP requests for additional hours, and IEP Online Support

(360) 596-7560


Becky Paxton, Administrative Assistant

Ask me about: Purchasing, Budgets, Equipment, and Interpreter Requests
(360) 596-7546


Lacie Williams, Administrative Assistant

Title/Lap Support, Time & Effort, Right Response, Overload, and Eval for Dollars
(360) 596-7533


Leslie Gowell, Administrative Assistant

Ask me about: ESY, Private Schools, Special Transportation, McKinney Vento, and Foster Care

(360) 596-6313


Amber Geiger, Administrative Assistant

Ask me about: 504s
(360) 596-7547


Contact Information:

Knox Administrative Center

111 Bethel St NE Olympia, WA 98506
Phone (360) 596-7530
Fax (360) 596-7531