Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning


Olympia School District’s 5-year Strategic Plan expires at the end of 2018, and work is underway to Small Group Discussing Strategic Planning develop a long-term strategic direction for the district based on shared values and agreed-upon student outcomes.

In May 2018, more than 130 people representing a cross-section of the community — students, staff, family members and community members — came together for an intensive two-day Educational Summit at the Hotel RL in Olympia. Leading up to the Summit, the district received thousands of responses to a budget and pre-Summit survey, all of which helped to inform the two-day event. 


In addition to 40 students, who were the largest represented group in the room at the Summit, Strategic Planning Meeting Roomthere were family members, teachers, principals, custodians, bus drivers, other support staff, and community members from many backgrounds. The event culminated with the group identifying some key educational focus areas for the board to consider as it finalizes student outcomes to drive the measures for determining school district performance and the creation of improvement plans. Summit participants narrowed key focus areas to the following:

  • Assuring Foundational Skills/Lifelong Learning
  • Addressing Bias and Inclusion
    Students look at Summit data
  • Focusing on Safety
  • Producing Global Navigators
  • Maximizing Choices/Pathways
  • Ensuring a Strong Sense of Self-Worth


To learn more about the Educational Summit, including details related to the focus areas above, results of a pre-Summit survey, photos from the event, and other relevant data, see related information listed at the bottom of this webpage.

The school board reviewed work done at the Summit during a board study session and summer board retreat in July, 2018. During the board's one-day retreat, directors created draft student outcomes to drive the goals of the district's new Strategic Plan. The community is invited to review these student outcomes and submit input during focus groups scheduled this fall, as well as on a brief online feedback form. Please submit the online feedback form by November 1.

The six student outcomes are listed below the following introductory statement:

To advance our student learning outcomes we will:

  • Provide a safe and welcoming environment in which students are provided opportunities to demonstrate persistence and build resilience;
  • Cultivate a pre-K-12 learning environment that empowers student voice, ownership of learning and a growth mindset;
  • Deliver high quality facilities and learning tools;
  • Employ highly skilled staff; and
  • Engage authentically with families and the community.


Our students will:

Outcome 1: Be compassionate and kind.

Outcome 2:
Feel hopeful about their future and skillful at monitoring, promoting and seeking resources to ensure their physical and mental wellness.

Outcome 3: Develop relevant academic, interpersonal and life skills to pursue their career, civic and educational goals.

Outcome 4: Build the skills, knowledge and courage to identify and combat personal, systemic and societal bias.

Outcome 5: Choose pathways based on their passions, interests and experiences as they build knowledge, develop skills and cultivate a sense of curiosity.

Outcome 6: Be collaborative, global thinkers prepared for living and serving in an interconnected world community.


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