Voters approve technology and safety replacement levy

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Voters approve technology and safety replacement levy

Olympia School District voters have approved a four-year technology and safety replacement levy, according to unofficial February 13 Special Election results.

The Thurston County Auditor’s Office reported on election night that the levy measure received 68.38 percent – 9,296 yes votes, compared to 31.62 percent – 4,298 no votes.

“First and foremost, we thank our voters for their ongoing support of our schools,” said Superintendent Patrick Murphy. “We are excited to move forward with initiatives that will increase student access to technology, continue our focus on safety, and prepare students for success now and into the future as they move on to college and/or careers.”

Murphy continued, “Thanks to this levy passage, our students will benefit from up-to-date technology in their classrooms, which will enhance instruction while providing a more equitable learning environment for all. Importantly, the levy also provides training for teachers and other staff as they integrate this new technology and teach students how to use computers and other tools in a safe, responsible and healthy way.”

The superintendent also praised the efforts of Olympia Citizens for Schools volunteers, including chair Joe Ingoglia and co-chairs Eileen Thomson and Cheryl Selby.

Olympia School Board President Frank Wilson listened with Murphy, several district staff members, and campaign volunteers as the Auditor’s Office staff announced the first election returns.

“We have such a supportive community,” Wilson said. “Thank you to everyone who voted for this levy measure and to our staff, families, volunteers and other community members who work hard year-round in our schools to help students succeed.”

Wilson continued, “I also want to say a special thank you to the many volunteers who shared information about this levy with our community over the past several months.”

The Thurston County Auditor’s Office will certify the Special Election results on February 23, 2018.