City of Olympia: Community Survey ends July 16

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City of Olympia: Community Survey ends July 16
City of Olympia

Olympia School District students, families, employees and community members are invited take an online community survey sponsored by the City of Olympia’s new Social Justice and Equity Commission.


The Commission asked the City in October 2022 to conduct a Community Discrimination Survey to create data to better understand what discrimination looks like in Olympia and help identify what interventions would be most helpful.


The anonymous online survey is open through July 16 and is available in English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Korean and Tagalog. Take the Survey


A press release issued by the City of Olympia states that the Commission and City staff are working with Truclusion, a third-party research consultant, to complete “a human-centered, inclusive assessment of discrimination in Olympia.”


The release goes on to state, “The Social Justice and Equity Commission will use Truclusion’s report to guide their future efforts to reduce discrimination and human rights violations, connect community members to resources, provide assistance in navigating systems, educate the Olympia community, and engage when incidents of discrimination occur.”


The digital survey is available to those who live, work and visit Olympia. It is estimated to take between three and 12 minutes to complete.


In fall 2023, the consultant will deliver to the Commission a report that summarizes feedback pulled from survey results, interviews and community group outreach. The Commission will use this in its quest to eliminate racism and fulfill human rights for a just and equitable Olympia for all people.


Take the survey


Photo courtesy of City of Olympia