Share Memories of Gordon Chamberlain

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Share Memories of Gordon Chamberlain
OSD Administrator Gordon Chamberlain

On behalf of the family, Marla Williams, sister-in-law of longtime OSD educator Gordon Chamberlain who passed away on May 2, will be producing a documentary tribute to Gordon. She requests that anyone who is interested share their photos and their memories to help as she makes a short film about Gordon.

Marla asks that people search through their phones and files and shoeboxes for photos, cell phone or home movies, and other recordings they may wish to share. She welcomes short cell phone videos or voice memos and has set up dedicated folders in Dropbox and Google Drive to upload photos, voice recordings, music, or videos of Gordon.

Marla also welcomes short videos of “you telling a story about Gordon, or sharing a memory about him.” These could be recorded on any type of smartphone or camera and should be roughly 90 seconds or less.

She says, “Please know it may not be possible to include everything in the film tribute but be assured that all photos and recordings will be shared with the family and carefully saved as part of his tribute.”

Some things to consider when sharing photos or recordings:


  • Send items to the Dropbox or Google Drive folder by mid-June.
  • Send the highest quality image or recording possible.
  • When uploading, send the “original” size (instead of “optimizing” for email). The Dropbox and Google Drive folder will take very large files.
  • For all still photos, the larger the size the better – ideally above 1000×1000 pixels and in JPEG, PNG or TIFF format.
  • For sound or visual recordings, please send as Quick Time, .mov or MP4 files (preferably 90 seconds or less).
  • Remember to copy your photos or recordings to one or the other of these folders: Dropbox or Google Drive.


If you have any questions or need technical help, please email Marla Williams directly at [email protected].


Gordon was well known in the community, both as an educator in OSD for nearly 20 years and as a keyboard player in the Mick Hart and the Classic Vinyl Band. He retired last June after working as a dean and teacher at Olympia High School. He also worked in various other leadership roles in the Olympia School District, including assistant principal/dean at Capital High School and Reeves Middle School.

Gordon’s family thanks everyone in advance for sharing their memories.