August 14, 2019 Meeting

August 14, 2019 Meeting


Committee Agenda

  • Review previous school board presentation on June 24, 2019
  • Plans for proposal to school board for start/end times
  • Issuing a second survey


Subcommittee Topics

  • Recent research regarding school calendar changes



Meeting was called to order at 6:30 PM


Jeannie McInelly

Rebecca Cornelius

Sandy Hallstrom

Scott Clifthorne

Christine Weed

Steve Roth

Hilary Seidel

Jess Revelas

Patrick Murphy



We reviewed 6/24/2019 School Board presentation and discussed things to consider for the next presentation (having more hand-outs, etc.) as well as hearing that the survey results were well received. We discussed communication goals and style in order to be able to communicate most effectively.

  • We discussed the implementation of a second, more granular survey. The goal is to have this completed by the end of September in order to have the results reviewed and incorporated into the final proposal by the end of October.

  • We wondered if the Seattle School District (via UW research) had any recent information on their start time change and will see if we can find out.

  • We will send out a Doodle poll to the team to determine the best day for recurring meetings moving forward.


  • We did not discuss the School Calendar subcommittee findings.

  • Subcommittees were created as follows: New Market, Athletics, Survey, and Transportation. Persons involved in these subcommittees will begin and/or continue conversations relating to the school start/stop times project.