School board to vote on student outcomes

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School board to vote on student outcomes
Elementary classroom at McLane Elementary School

After more than six months of extensive community input, the school board is ready to consider approving a set of student outcomes that will drive the more specific goals of the district’s new Strategic Plan.
The board is scheduled to vote at its next meeting on December 10 on six proposed student outcomes, also referred to as targets or key focus areas for Olympia School District students. The board meeting begins at 6:30 p.m. at the Knox Administrative Center, 1113 Legion Way S.E. in Olympia.
The following is the latest version of the proposed student outcomes. The board edited the wording twice during October based on comments received at nearly 50 focus groups and via an online survey:

Our students will:

  • Outcome 1: Be compassionate and kind.
  • Outcome 2: Have the academic and life skills to pursue their individual career, civic and educational goals.
  • Outcome 3: Advocate for the social, physical and mental wellness of themselves and others and be hopeful about the future.
  • Outcome 4: Have the skills, knowledge and courage to identify and confront personal, systemic and societal bias.
  • Outcome 5: Discover their passions, be curious and love learning.
  • Outcome 6: Be critical thinkers who contribute to and collaborate with our local, global and natural world.

The process that led to the development of the proposed student outcomes began last May when the district invited more than 130 people representing a cross-section of the community — students, staff, family members and community members to a two-day Educational Summit at the Hotel RL in Olympia.
In addition to 40 middle and high school students, who made up the largest represented group in the room, there were teachers, principals, custodians, bus drivers and other support staff; parents, grandparents and other family members; and community members representing businesses, organizations, service clubs and more. Responses to a pre-Summit online survey also helped to inform the two-day event.
The district followed up the Educational Summit by inviting community members at large to share thoughts about the student outcomes via an online feedback form. Additionally, Superintendent Patrick Murphy, other district leaders and at least one of the school board members shared the outcomes and sought feedback in person at 49 focus groups. The focus groups included meeting with staff and parent groups at each of the district’s 19 schools, middle and high school students, as well as with a variety of community organizations and service clubs.
Using the student outcomes as the target, plans are to have specific metrics and an action plan developed by the end of this school year. The metrics and action plan will help inform school and district improvement plans. Community input will continue to be sought as part of the yearlong process.
Olympia School District’s last 5-year Strategic Plan expired in June 2018.