October 10, 2018 Meeting

October 10, 2018 

Dress Code Advisory Committee Meeting



This meeting will be used to finalize recommendation for the Olympia School Board.

30 minutes: Finalize language around recommendations from each of three shared documents. 

30 minutes: Identify who will be presenting to the board and any additional support that is needed for preparing.


Attendees: Committee members Ryan Hall, Wendy Bayer, Ainsley Austin and Christy Austin

The committee discussed comments from other committee members or from the community as they finalized different portions of the recommendations. Topics included uniforms, hats and hoodies, pajamas, political T-shirts or other types of clothing, and others.


The committee also addressed a comment from the superintendent regarding students missing class for dress code violations.


Upon finalizing recommendations the committee worked together to identify two presenters for the board meeting on Oct. 22. One student and one parent were selected to present with another student identified as well. The committee worked together to provide talking points and help outline slides for a presentation.


The committee completed the meeting saying that they welcome questions from the board and are eager to move forward with the recommendations.