Virtual Academy of Olympia

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Virtual Academy of Olympia (VAO): NEWSFEED

Inger Owen - VAO Principal


Inger Owen headshot

Are you interested in enrolling your student in the new Virtual Academy of Olympia (VAO)? Have you reached out to your child’s school, teacher, the district office, or even tuned in to watch a school board meeting via Zoom to try and learn more? Even as the first employee hired for the VAO, I struggle to answer many questions being directed to me.

But here is what I do know and commit to doing as the answers begin to unfold and pen gets to paper with a plan, program, and vision emerging…


  • Develop a learning ecosystem that operates with a focus on equity
  • Maintain open and transparent with communication
  • Design responsive, student-centered programming based on student need
  • Support students, families, and staff in the pursuit of helping students meet and exceed goals
  • Listen, learn, and reflect to find opportunities to continuously improve




At this time, the VAO is accepting enrollment packets for students in grades K-12 that want a full-time virtual option only for the 2021-22 school year. Information regarding dual enrollment with your neighborhood OSD school (this option is available for secondary only) will be available soon.


Enrollment information is provided below. Additional details and FAQs regarding enrollment can be found HERE on the OSD website.


Ways to Enroll:


In Progress:

  • Enrollment and program support by hiring an Office Manager and School Counselor
  • VAO Commercial - What can my child expect and experience?
  • Outline of program offerings and expectations
  • Schedule and Course Catalog



To learn more about what resources are being used to design the Virtual Academy of Olympia, that we find inspiring and innovative, tune in regularly to this resource. The VAO is an organization that will continuously seek opportunities to learn and innovate, providing meaningful learning for students.

From Global Dignity:



Dignity is a feeling in your core.
A belief in your own worth.
A belief in the worth of others.
With dignity, we lead lives of hope and optimism and compassion,
Guided by a universal ethical compass.
Dignity is the belief that our basic humanity
Is shared with every other person on this planet.



A life of dignity means you are as valuable and important,
worthy and wanted, as any other human being.
It means, fundamentally, that you matter.
And when you believe you matter, then you know
That your voice matters,
Your relationships matter,
And your actions matter.
You have the confidence to act.
You know you will make a positive impact,
That you will work with others
To transform your community -- and the world,
Into one where understanding, compassion and love triumph.
You become a changemaker,
Or what we call a dignity-centered leader.