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Connected Mathematics Project 2 (CMP2)

CMP2 is a math program that emphasizes problem-solving and a deeper understanding of key math concepts.

Read our Parent Information Brochure on CMP2.

Helping Your Child Develop Good Math Habits

  • Help Your Child Find a Productive Study Area: Find a quiet area to study. Have available materials such as graph paper, notebook paper, a ruler and a dictionary.
  • Develop a System: Help your child develop a system for writing down assignments and keeping track of progress. Check to make sure your child does so consistently.
  • Develop Note Taking Skills: Check to see that your child has developed a system for taking meaningful notes.
  • Organize Your Notebook: Routinely check to see if your child is correctly following the teacher’s guidelines for keeping notebooks.
  • Foster Time Management Skills: Encourage and expect your child to get work done on time, to stay caught up, to get help in a timely manner and to correct errors in work.
  • Find Study Buddies:Encourage your child to identify study buddies or another student they can call to work with on assignments, get clarification or find out about make-up work.

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