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School District

1113 Legion Way SE
Olympia, WA 98501
Office: (360) 596-6100

Emergency Snow Routes - East Side

The bus stops listed below are those that most often could be changed in the event of snow. If you do not see your student's bus stop listed above and are not directed otherwise, please have your student report to the regularly scheduled bus stop.


East side of Olympia

Bus Route Number

If your normal stop is:

Walk to:

1 Fishtrap Road and Fishtrap Loop 81st and Libby Road
1 Indian Road and Cushman Road Boston Harbor Road
1 Libby Road (North of 81st)/Jenni Street NE/Island View Drive/Evergreen Drive Walk to 81st
1 Shore Acres/76th Avenue NE/77th Avenue Libby Road
9 Central and Thurston Central and Bigelow
9 Wilson and Yew Wilson and Bigelow
9 Prospect and Tullis/Glass and Tullis Bigelow and Tullis
10 Phoenix and Prospect Phoenix and Martin
11 11th or 12th and Fairview/12th and Fir/McCormick and Union Fir and Union
11 Garrison and Thurston Pine and Bethel
11 Fir and Yew Bigelow and Wilson
11 Marion and Yew/McCormick and Yew Bigelow and Fir
11 18th and Boundary Street SE 18th and Eastside Street SE
11 19th and Orange Street SE 20th and Eastside Street SE
13 16th and Frederick Street 18th and Frederick
13 53rd SE and Arlington Court SE and Joseph Henderson and Palomino
13 All of Cheri Estates Henderson and Palomino
23 Frontier Drive and Frontier Court/Upperhighline Highline and Wilderness Drive
25 12th and McCormick 13th and McCormick
26 42nd Avenue (Ward Lake) Boulevard Road
27 Boston Harbor and 75th Boston Harbor and 73rd
27 Byron Avenue NE Boston Harbor and 73rd
27 53rd and Heights Lane Boston Harbor and 73rd
27 73rd Avenue NE Boston Harbor and 73rd
29 Bay View Homes East Bay Drive
29 Lemon Road Libby Road and 66th
11 or 29 Smith Street SE/10th-15th Boulevard and 15th
13 or 29 Beacon, Brown and Frederick Boulevard and Beacon
27 or 29 Woodard Bay Libby Road and 66th
28 or 29 8th and Devoe/8th and Fenske VFW
28 or 29 Pattison Street NE/Applehills Court/10th and Fenske VFW
28 or 9 Henry and Thurston Garrison and Bigelow
29 or 27 Snug Harbor Libby Road and 66th
9 or 11 San Francisco and Puget Street Leavenworth and Puget Street