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Payment and Financial Aid

Prices for the 2017-2018 School Year

Breakfast Price
Elementary Full Paid $1.60
Middle School Full Paid $1.60
High School Full Paid $1.60
Adult $2.10
Reduced Priced K-12 No Charge
Milk $.60 All Levels


Lunch Price
Elementary Full Paid $2.65
Middle School Full Paid $2.90
High School Full Paid $2.90
Adult $3.55
Reduced Priced K-3 No Charge
Reduced Priced 4-12 $.40
Milk $.60 All Levels


Payment Method

All school cafeterias in the Olympia School District operate with a computerized meal purchase system. Your student has an individual account with Child Nutrition Services that is setup automatically once he/she is enrolled. This allows every student the opportunity to prepay for meals. Parents  may deposit money for the day, week, and month or for as long as you wish. Elementary students whose balance becomes low will receive a low balance reminder note from his/her school. With secondary students a verbal reminder will be given by our cashiers. Negative meal balances must be taken care of immediately. A phone message system is  in place that will notify a household when a student has a negative balance.

Financial Assistance

All families who wish to apply for free or reduced meals with the Olympia Public Schools are encouraged to fill out an application at anytime during the school year. A new application needs to be completed at the beginning of each school year. Applications are available at all schools and on the Child Nutrition Services web site. Once an application is completed, it can be submitted to a school's lunchroom manager or mailed directly to the Child Nutrition Services Office for processing. Click on the link below for a copy of this school year's Free & Reduced (F&R) application.

When completing an application remember that only one application is needed per household. Applications that are incomplete cannot be processed. The Child Nutrition Services office will notify every household that submits an application whether they are or are not eligible for financial assistance.

The USDA web site below has free and reduced priced meal applications in 33 different languages.

Please contact Child Nutrition Services for further information or answers to questions on free or reduced price meals with the Olympia School District.