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Facilities Use & Rentals

Facility Use Requests

Facility use requests are now processed through a web-based operations software called SchoolDude. Community and district users alike can request the use of facilities via this tool. Once you have submitted a facilities use request, your request will be routed to the appropriate staff representative to confirm availability of the space you've requested.

To view the current calendar for the district, or a particular site, visit the Community Calendar.

If you observe an unsafe condition at one of our schools or buildings after regular business hours (broken window, unlocked gate or door, free-swinging arm gate, etc.) please call our Facilities Emergency Line: (360) 999-8753. 

Directions To Submit a Facilities Use Request:

  • Go to
  • If prompted, enter the Organization Account Number for OSD: 976546781
  • When prompted, enter your district email address (including or your personal email address including the domain (e.g.,
  • Click the tab entitled "Schedule Request"
    • NOTE: default is set to the "Maint Request" tab. You must choose the "Schedule Request" tab or the information you enter will generate a work order, not a facility use request.
  • Click the photo of the type of schedule you intend to request (i.e. Normal Schedule, Recurring Schedule, Irregular Schedule"
  • Complete all fields marked with a red check box
  • If you are requesting facility use on behalf of the district, or your school, you don't need to complete "Insurance" or "Rental Request" sections
  • Some fields require you click the binoculars symbol to search for a room or organization name
  • If you are requesting facility use on behalf of the district, click the binoculars and use the search box to search for "OSD"
  • If you are a new requester, and cannot find your organization's name, fill in the blank field with your organization's name
  • In the password field enter the word "password", without the quotes.
  • Finally, please review the district's Application Procedure, Rules and Regulations for facilities use, as well as Insurance and Indemnification Requirements.

Facilities Rental Rates

All facilities use requests are subject to hourly rental rates, based on the type of organization requesting facility use (Levels 1-3, detailed below).

Custodial costs are charged at a flat rate of $35/hour for all user groups, and additional costs for personnel will be charged when facilities are requested for weekends, holidays, or past 2:30PM on weekdays during winter, midwinter, spring, and summer breaks. A minimum 4-hour charge will be assessed for weekend and holiday use. Further, if a facilities use request is scheduled during non-school days in November, December, January or February there will be a $7.50 per hour energy surcharge fee.

Level 1 rental rates apply to use by local non-profit and public service organizations when such organizations charge an admission fee or tuition for participation to the proposed facility use, or the use is not open to the public. This classification may also apply to local youth daycares, private schools, educational groups such as school of dance, music, or other instruction, as well as public universities and colleges.

Level 2 rental rates apply to use by non-local, non-profit and public service organizations. Non-local use includes those groups which do not serve the local community directly or do not have a majority of their members/participants residing in the district. This classification may also apply to non-local, private educational groups, private universities and colleges.

Level 3 rental rates apply to use by profit-making organizations, individuals or groups engaged in business enterprises. 



Rental Charge Per Hour
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Elementary Schools      
    Gym – Recreational $19.00 $37.00 $74.00
    Multi-Purpose Room $19.00 $46.00 $92.00
Middle School      
    Main Gym – Recreational $23.00 $46.00 $92.00
    Main Gym – w/ attendance $37.00 $92.00 $184.00
    Auxiliary Gym $19.00 $37.00 $74.00
    Multi-Purpose Room/Cafeteria $23.00 $55.00 $110.00
High Schools      
    Main Gym – Recreational $32.00 $55.00 $92.00
    Main Gym – w/ attendance $55.00 $137.00 $276.00
    Auxiliary Gym $19.00 $37.00 $74.00
    Gym Mezzanine $14.00 $25.00 $58.00
    Cafeteria Commons $32.00 $64.00 $119.00
    CHS Auditorium $77.00 $113.00 $150.00
All Schools      
    Locker Rooms $19.00 $31.00 $53.00
    Library, LRC $13.00 $25.00 $58.00
    Classroom, Other Rooms $9.00 $19.00 $37.00
Knox Administrative Center      
    Board Room $55.00 $74.00 $92.00
    Meeting Rooms $19.00 $28.00 $37.00
    Auditorium $21.00 $36.00 $63.00
Special Uses      
    Youth Day Cares      
            All Day $50/day    
            Before/After School $6/hr    
            Youth Activity Camps $100/day    
    Tracks $28.00 $28.00 $92.00
    Tennis Courts $13.00 $13.00 $34.00
    Play Sheds $19.00 $19.00 $37.00

Please click the link below for information on the PAC facility at Olympia High School. 

Public use of Ingersoll Stadium or other fields

Facilities Guide

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Facilities Use & Rentals
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