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High School Health and Fitness Requirements

(Fitness waiver request form can be downloaded here)

“Questions & Answers”

  1. What are the graduation requirements for Health and Fitness?
    • All students must successfully complete two credits of health and fitness during their four years of high school. This requirement includes classes in both health education and fitness education.
  2. Can a student waive any portion of this requirement?
    • Yes. Students may apply for and receive a waiver for all or part of the second year of the fitness portion of this requirement.
  3. How many hours of athletic participation do they have to complete, to waive a portion of the second year?
    • To waive a complete year: 150 hours
    • To waive two trimesters: 100 hours
    • To waive one semester: 75 hours
    • To waive one trimester: 50 hours
  4. What requirements does a student have to meet to qualify for a waiver?
    • Students must meet three basic requirements:
      1. Receive a passing grade in the required 9th Grade Health and Fitness Course;
      2. Be an active participant in school athletic programs and/or directed community-based sports/activities for the designated number of hours during their sophomore and/or junior year; and,
      3. Be continually enrolled in six subject matter classes each trimester/semester prior to applying for a waiver and maintain continual enrollment in six subject matter classes during grades 10 through 12; (TA, late start/early release will not count as a subject matter class.)
  5. How can a student begin the process?
    • Pick up a Fitness Requirement Waiver Form from your school counselor.
    • Record all activities and times taking place after February 13, 2006.
  6. Who must sign the Fitness Requirement Waiver Form?
    • The school coach or person who is supervising a community-based sport/activity program must sign the form.
  7. After completing the required number of hours, what has to be done?
    • After completing the required number of hours of school athletics and/or directed community-based sports/activities, the completed and signed Fitness Requirement Waiver Form must be completed and submitted to the school counselor before June 15, of the student’s junior year.
  8. What happens if a student fails to complete all of the conditions and requirements?
    • If a student does not complete all of the conditions and requirements, a waiver will not be granted and the student must take a health and fitness class to complete the graduation requirement.
  9. Does this affect a student’s grade point average and the number of credits needed to graduate?
    • No. A waiver, under this policy, will not allow a student to graduate with less credits than required. A fitness class waiver only allows students to take another subject area class.
  10. Where do I download the waiver request form?