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OSD Athletics


Athletic programs are an integral part of the Olympia School District vision: "a supportive environment which promotes student growth and achievement of the highest standards". Our athletic programs are designed to promote an active and healthy lifestyle through individual and team goal-setting, leadership, sportsmanship and other valuable skills.

The Olympia School District offers a wide variety of athletic teams at both the high school and middle school level and encourages all students who have the physical skills and appropriate attitude to participate in as many different sports as possible.  As athletes, students will make a commitment to themselves, teammates and the program to follow the rules and expectations of being an athlete.  As an athlete the student agrees to abide by the athletic code and by the rules and regulations established for their specific sport.

 Capital High School  plays in the 3A division of the Narrows League while Olympia HIgh School is a member of  the Narrows League, 4A division.

At the middle school level interscholastic programs for 7th and 8th grade students consist of soccer, basketball, volleyball and wrestlling.  Track and Field is also offered as a spring intramural program for students in grades 6,7 and 8.



                       High School Sports Programs


Fall Sports


Football, Volleyball, Girls Soccer, Cross Country, Boys' Tennis,

Girls Swimming

Winter Sports

  Basketball, Wrestling (Girls and Boys), Gymnastics, Boys Swimming

Spring Sports


Boys Soccer, Baseball, Fastpitch, Track & Field, Boys and Girls Golf,

Girls' Tennis


For further information regarding athletic programs offered by the Olympia School District contact:

Jeff Carpenter, MSPE, CAA

Director Health, Fitness and Athletic Programs
1113 Legion Way SE
Olympia, WA 98501