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Summer School Information 2017

General Information

The Olympia School District offers Middle and High School summer courses.  Summer School helps students to retrieve credit, reinforce important skills, fill in gaps in learning, and become better prepared for the upcoming school year. Recommendations for students to attend Summer School are based on a handful of factors: credit deficiency, teacher/counselor/administrative/parent referrals, and classroom performance. 

Summer School Administrator: Jane Allaire;, or call 360-596-8029.

Summer School Secretary: Janet Anderson; 360-596-8023.

Dates: July 3- August 3, 2017.

Location: All Classes will be held at ORLA campus, 2400 15th Ave SE, Olympia, WA 98501.

Time & Schedule: 9 a.m. -12 noon, Monday through Thursday.  (Exception: no school Tuesday, July 4th; Friday, July 7th will be added to compensate for lost day.) Some classes will have different meeting locations per the instructor.

Registration Information

Registration form (ENG, SPAN)

NO Payments will be accepted until your student is physically in attendance on their first day. Payment is expected to be made on the first day, credit/debit is preferred and checks need to be made out to: Olympia School District. The middle school program is $100, and the high school cost is $100 per class. Tuition assistance is available for qualified students. Monday July 3, 8am doors will open for processing payments and walk in registrations.

Late registrations due to OSD’s grades expected on Sunday June 25th & 4th holiday.

  • Walk in Wednesday-Friday, July 5-7 ORLA, 9 a.m. – 12 noon

Middle School Program

The middle school program is for incoming 6th through 8th grade students. This program is a combined Math/Reading/ Language Arts, and Communication support class. Our goal is to offer support to students who need to increase understanding in the classroom as well as prepare for state assessments.

High School Program

The high school program offers classes for both credit retrievals because the student has previously failed, and/or the student needs to earn initial credit towards graduation requirements (these are noted). Students may only register for one APEX online class at a time before registering for another. APEX students are expected to meet on campus 4 times per week and complete a pre-determined number of hours logged into the net-based website outside of the classroom.

HS Algebra Prep Class: Due to the overwhelming need for more math support, we have opened the Algebra Prep class to any incoming 9th grader who wants to build their math skills this summer. Algebra Prep does not take the place of Math Support courses during freshman year. This class will provide a good foundation for the upcoming school year and is entered as an elective credit on the transcript.