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2015-16 Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) Information

In early 2014, the federal Department of Education declined to renew Washington state’s No Child Left Behind waiver for schools receiving Title I, Part A funds. As a result, all school districts in Washington, including ours, were required to revert back to the requirement of the No Child Left Behind act (NCLB).

Like most other districts, our district and schools did not meet the Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) as required by NCLB. For our schools to meet AYP, 100 percent of all students – regardless of special needs, English language mastery, or other life-impacting circumstances – must have met proficiency standards on assessments.

By reverting back to NCLB, we are now required to set aside approximately 20 percent of Title I funds we receive from the federal government. The money must be reserved for the district to transfer students to a school that has not been labeled “failing” under NCLB for two years in a row (this applies to schools in Steps 1 - 5 of improvement) or pay for private tutoring (this applies to schools in Steps 2 - 5 of improvement). In our district, the transfer option is open to students in Hansen Elementary, Madison Elementary, Garfield Elementary and LP Brown Elementary. The requirement to pay for tutoring for eligible (low-income) students applies to students in Garfield Elementary and LP Brown Elementary. 

Below you will find additional information about this topic as outlined in the district letter to parents/guardians and the letters sent to Hansen, Madison, Garfield and LP Brown families in August 2015.

Letters sent to district families

List of state-approved SES providers (tutors)

The Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction recently published its list of Supplemental Educational Services (tutoring) providers. SES is only offered at schools in steps 2 - 5 of improvement (in our district, this applies to Garfield and LP Brown) and it is only offered to low-income students. If your student is elgible for this service you will receive additional information.


School of Choice list 

Below  are the Olympia School District's 2015-16 "Choice" Schools, into which students from Hansen, Madison, Garfield or LP Brown may request a transfer (using the "School Transfer Request" form, above). The deadline to apply for a school transfer is Sept. 4 at 4:30 p.m.

Additional information on our schools 

Find School Improvement Plans, School Performance Reports, and school websites at our schools page.

Stats on 2014-2015 year

In 2014-15, of the 478 students eliglble at LP Brown and Garifeld to receive SES (tutoring), 13 participated in it; five students from LP Brown and seven students from Garfield. No students chose to transfer schools as a result of AYP. 

District Improvement Plan

The Addendum to the District Improvement Plan will be posted when complete.