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School District

1113 Legion Way SE
Olympia, WA 98501
Office: (360) 596-6100

Board of Directors

The Olympia School Board of Directors is comprised of five citizens elected to represent the community in setting District goals and policies, adopting the budget, placing tax levies and bond issues on the ballot, hiring personnel including the Superintendent, and providing the necessary facilities for the education of our community's youth. Members serve in staggered four-year terms. School Board members must be citizens of the United States and qualified voters residing in one of the five geographic "director districts" They are elected, however, by nonpartisan popular vote from the total school district. The state does not limit the numbers of terms a director may serve. Three board members constitute a quorum for transacting business. Official action can only be taken at a regular board meeting or special board meeting for which public notice has been given. Board action has the force of law.


Photo of Eileen Thomson

Eileen M. Thomson - President
Director, District 3
Elected 2008, Term Expires 2017
Occupation: Boutique Sales
(360) 352-0474

Photo of Frank Wilson

Frank L. Wilson - Vice President
Director, District 1
Elected 2007, Term Expires 2019
Occupation: Service Manager, OCE North America
(360) 753-6943

Photo of Joellen Wilhelm

Joellen Wilhelm
Director, District 2
Elected 2015, Term Expires 2019
Occupation: Nonprofit Consultant
(360) 464-4315

Photo of Justin Montermini

Justin L. Montermini
Director, District 4
Elected 2011, Term Expires 2017 
Occupation: Government Relations
(360) 402-8537

Photo of Mark Campeau

Mark A. Campeau
Director, District 5
Elected 2008, Term Expires 2017
Occupation: Real-time Energy Trader
(360) 866-6300

Ainsley Austin
Student Representative
Appointed June 2017, Term Expires May 2018
Occupation: Student, Avanti High School
(360) 596-6117

Photo of Patrick Murphy Patrick C. Murphy, Ed.D.
Olympia School District
(360) 596-6117
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Olympia School District
1113 Legion Way SE
Olympia, WA 98501